Dangerous Spiders to Have in Your Home

Are you seeing spiders around your home? If so, there is something you should know. Those spiders may not stay on the outside of your home. There are many spiders that have no problem getting into your home and there are many ways spiders can do so. Some of the spiders that get in can present a threat to you and the loved ones living with you. That is why it is important to have one of the licensed and certified pest professionals from Rise Pest Control take a look and give you some guidance on home spider protection.

The dangerous spiders

In Rise Pest Control, we often see two spiders that are considered dangerous. You probably know them by name. They are the brown recluse spider and the black widow spider. But they don't present the same threat level. Black widow spiders cause a bite wound that can be quite painful and the symptoms associated with these bites are chills, fever, weakness, sweating, abdominal pain, nausea, difficulty breathing and headaches caused by a change in blood pressure. A bite wound from a brown recluse will have an ulcer in the center, surrounded by a purple discoloration of the skin. The symptoms associated with these bites are chills, fever, weakness, joint pain, nausea and in rare cases seizures or coma. But the greatest threat is the necrosis that can occur. If a brown recluse bites you in a sensitive location, such as the eyelid, it can become a serious threat.

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Many people, even some individuals who claim to be professionals, have a hard time distinguishing a brown recluse spider from other brown spiders. Studies have been done on spider identification and the brown recluse seems to be a spider that is misidentified quite a bit, even by some in the pest control industry. This, of course, should never be the case. A brown recluse spider has a distinctive mark on its back that looks like a violin and it is about the size of a quarter. Being brown and having four legs does not make a spider a brown recluse. As with any pest, accurate identification is very important, the professionals at Rise Pest Control are continually trained and we take great pride in their abilities. 

So you see, by hiring Rise Pest Control, you don’t have to burn down your house when you see a spider and then it disappears. Trust the pro’s!

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