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Pest Control Indianapolis, IN

Although Indianapolis is a highly-rated place to live, it faces pests just like every other city in the United States. There are many pest control options in Indianapolis, but the best pest control Indianapolis services come from Rise Pest Control! Rise Pest Control offers the best, high-quality pest control services in the Indianapolis area and surrounding cities. No matter the time of year, our goal is to help you maintain low pest activity in your home. Whether you have a small ant problem, a wasp nest, or one too many spiders, our professional exterminators can help you solve all your pest problems. 

Rise Pest Control is the best exterminator near me. At Rise, we begin our extermination process by getting rid of nests and spider webs with a dust-treated brush. Next, we will spray your home with a barrier in areas that are easily infested with pests. This includes high moisture areas, doorways, windows, and plants. After, we will spray your home with a second layer of defense. This will create a six-foot barrier that will keep those unwanted pests at bay. Your Rise Pest Control technician will be able to properly assess your situation to help best serve you and take care of your pest problem.

Rodent Control Near Me

Some common pests in some Indianapolis homes are rats and mice. There is nothing worse than sitting with your family, enjoying a meal, and you hear the skittering of rats in your walls! Rats and mice can often be hiding in the walls, attic, or below the home. Rodents have also been found behind furniture, in AC units, pipes, insulation, kitchen cabinets, etc. Having rats and mice in your home also means that you can find dead rodents around, mice droppings, and chewed up furniture and cables. Rodents are extremely difficult to get rid of. They are a nuisance in the home. They also carry harmful diseases that you do not want to be around. Our exterminators at Rise Pest Control are professionally trained mice exterminators. To get rid of those rodents as soon as possible, call Rise Pest Control, the “best pest control near me”!

Ant Exterminator Indianapolis

Ants are the most common pests in the United States, and Indianapolis is not exempt. The most common ants seen around Indianapolis, Indiana are Formica Indianensis, Black Carpenter Ant, Red Pavement Ant, Velvet Ants, and Little Black Ants. These annoying pests colonize until there are thousands of them crawling throughout the inside and outside of your home. They scavenge, bite through the home’s framework, and even bite people. Ants even carry around harmful bacteria, so it is important to get rid of them as soon as you can. While there are many DIY ways to get rid of ants, most of them are not successful long-term. Lucky for you, Rise Pest Control, can get rid of these annoying pests!

Other Pest Control Services

Along with rodents and ant extermination in Indianapolis, Rise Pest Control offers extermination for a variety of other pests. For example, we also offer spraying for spiders, pest control and extermination services to get rid of wasps, ants, beetles, and many more!

Indianapolis, IN

Locally known as “Indy”, Indianapolis is the state capital of Indiana. It is the most populous city with many suburbs and cities surrounding the metropolitan area. In the Indianapolis-Carmel-Anderson metropolitan area, the population is about 2 million people. This busy city has had steady growth ever since the Civil War. Indianapolis was founded in 1821 as a transportation and manufacturing center and is one of the largest hubs of the automotive manufacturing industry, next to Detroit. Indianapolis is widely known for being “The Crossroads of America” because of the several interstate highways that pass through the city. This makes easy connections and transportation to other big cities. Indianapolis is also a common destination for many trucking companies.

Not only is the Indianapolis metropolitan area known for having an establishment in the automobile industry, but it is also family-friendly. There is plenty to do due to the many amenities in the city and surrounding suburbs. Indianapolis and surrounding suburbs (such as Carmel and Columbus) have a pretty low crime rate. The cost of living is about 7.6% below the national average, making it very affordable to live there. There is a very low unemployment rate in Indianapolis because there are many stable job opportunities. Carmel, Indiana, a suburb of Indianapolis, has actually been rated the number one place to live in the United States for the past three years! 

Indianapolis is very humid, thus resulting in hot summers and freezing winters. Because of its proximity to the Great Lakes, there is a wind chill that is prevalent. Despite the hot summers and cold winters, Indianapolis has a very beautiful spring and fall season.

Common Pests

We know about pests, you can too. Visit our Pest Library for more information n the habits and habitats of some of the most commons pests.

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