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Pest Control Kansas City, MO

Just like any city, Kansas City, Missouri and the surrounding areas are not immune to unwanted pests. Homeowners and business owners have their fair share of ants, spiders, bed bugs, rodents, wasps, etc. If you are looking for the best pest control near me, you have come to the right place! Rise Pest Control offers the greatest high-quality extermination and pest control services in the Kansas City area. We focus on our customer’s pest problems one-on-one so that we can best serve you. Not only can we get rid of pests, we can keep them away for good! Whether you need ant extermination, wasp nest removal, or a mice exterminator, our professional team can help you solve all your worst pest problems. 

When your home is being treated by Rise Pest Control Kansas City, our exterminators start out by getting rid of nests and spider webs with a dust-treated brush. Next, they focus on adding a layer of defense to your home by spraying the pest hot-spots of your home. This includes moisture areas, bushes and foliage, entryways, windows, and other crevices outside your home. Afterwards, they follow up that treatment with a second layer of defense. This is sprayed around your home to create a 6 foot barrier-keeping all unwanted pests at bay. 

Every situation is different, and our trained professionals have been through extensive training to know how to best serve you. They will know exactly how to go about protecting your home from any pest. Rise Pest Control Overland Park and Kansas City can treat your worst pest fears! Do not hesitate to contact Rise Pest Control, the best exterminator Kansas City (and surrounding areas) have to offer.

Ant Pest Control Near Me

Ants are some of the most common pests. Believe it or not, there are actually over 700 species of ants in the United States! Ants populate and colonize quickly, so they are very difficult to eradicate. Thousands of these annoying insects can crawl around the inside and outside of your home. They scavenge around, bite through building frameworks, and even bite people. Some bites can be painful and can cause infection. Ants even carry around harmful bacteria, so it is important to get rid of them as soon as you can. While there are many DIY ways to get rid of ants, most of them are not successful long-term. Rise Pest Control Kansas City will be able to effectively exterminate ants and keep them away for good.

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Mice Exterminator Near Me

More common pests in the Kansas City and Overland Park area are rats and mice. There is nothing worse than hearing scattering in the walls or finding dead mice or mice droppings around your home! They are extremely difficult to get rid of and cause many issues to your home and family. Mice and rats carry harmful diseases that can put you and your family in danger. They also chew up furniture, cables, walls and can cause structural damage to the home. Mice can also chew through soft concrete, wood, drywall, pipes, and insulation. They cost Americans millions of dollars a year in damage! If you think you may have a rat or mice problem in your home, call Rise Pest Control Kansas City for the best pest control services!

Other Pest Control Services

Along with rodents and ant extermination in Kansas City and Overland Park, Rise Pest Control offers extermination for a variety of other pests. For example, we also offer spraying for spiders, pest control, and extermination services to get rid of wasps, ants, beetles, and many more!

Kansas City, MO

Kansas City is located right on the western border of Missouri, bordering Kansas. It was established in the 1830s as a port along the Kansas and Missouri Rivers. It is the most populous city in Missouri. It is also one of the largest cities geographically in the United States at 319 square miles. Sports fans love Kansas Cities and will proudly support the Kansas City Chiefs or Royals. Known for its BBQ, sports, jazz music, and water fountains, Kansas City is a busy place with a lot to do! It has been officially nicknamed the “City of Fountains” because it prides itself in hosting over 200 fountains. Some also call it the “City of Music” because of its rich history and culture in jazz music. The cost of living is below the national average and there are many options of places to live. Kansas City is home to many Federal Government agencies such as IRS, Social Security Administrations, etc. 

Kansas City is located in a wide region called “Tornado Valley”. The cold winds from Canada and warm gusts from the Gulf of Mexico get trapped in this large region, creating huge storms

Common Pests

We know about pests, you can too. Visit our Pest Library for more information n the habits and habitats of some of the most commons pests.

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